Pinewood Derby Tuneup

In preparation for the January 9th and January 17 Pinewood Derby tune-up sessions, it might be time to do a little web surfing to get some inspiration or to learn more about the Pinewood Derby.

Official Pinewood Derby website

Pinewood Derby – from Wikipedia

Pinewood Derby Tips and Secrets – a good set of tips and ideas

Unusual Pinewood Derby cars – photos

Down and Derby – 2005 film about the Pinewood Derby (the Citizen Kane of Pinewood Derby movies)

Tune Up Info

  • January 9th at Robert Cook’s house at 3344 Surry Place. 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Pizza will be available at around noon.
  • January 17th (Sunday) at Robert Cook’s house at 3344 Surry Place. 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.
    • Bring any weights that you have. I have a very limited supply this time, and especially after last week’s workshop, even less. If you need to still rough cut your derby car blocks, there is still time to do that. I will have the bandsaws and other tools available just like last time.
  • We will have two bandsaws to do some major cutting on your derby cars (scouts and adults). We will also have a rotory tool, sand paper, chisels, and other tools available. There will be a couple of derby kits available in case there are boo boos.

Our Pinewood Derby is on Friday evening, January 29th. More details about the event will follow.

Photos from January 9th Tune Up

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