Popcorn Kickoff Event on September 22 at Brookvale School

The Popcorn Sales Event is how Pack 163 achieves most of its funding for each year. This funding helps to reduce our annual fees that the Scouts need to go on their outings.

We are asking that each Scout and parent help out as much as possible in the Popcorn Sales Event. This year the committee has decided that prizes will be awarded for the goals that individual Scouts achieve. We will talk about the goals and prizes at thePopcorn Sales Kickoff Meeting on September 22 @ 7:00 pm at Brookvale School.

This year there will be a few different opportunities for Scouts to sell the Trails End Popcorn merchandise and meet the goals. Take Orders (meet and greet, door to door sales, etc.) The Dale Show and Sell, and Online Sales by e-mailing family and friends.

Some of the prizes that will be available this year:

  • Tickets to a Golden State Warriors Basketball game
  • Bear Archery 1st Shot Bow Set
  • Mitchell Travel Fishing Pack
  • Coleman Sundome Camping Tent
  • Meade 100 x 50 Telescope
  • Apple iPod Shuffle
  • Garmin eTrex Legend GPS Unit

There will be many more prizes available that we will show at the Popcorn Kickoff. Please help support our pack this year so they can go on as many fun outings as possible. The Popcorn Sales Event will provide them that opportunity as well as reduce the costs to each family.

For more info:

Photos from the Event

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